In  the  past  decades,  the  prevalence  of  overweight  and  obesity  have increased substantially  worldwide,  especially in South-East Asia countries including Thailand.   Recent  data  from   prospective   studies   have  indicated   that  overweight   and  obesity   in  children and  adolescents  are  predictors  of  adult  obesity.   There  is  also  substantial  evidence that the  association  between  obesity  and  cardiovascular  disease  is  explained   by  the  adverse cardiovascular   risk  factor  profile   including   hypertention,   type  2 diabetes   mellitus,  and dyslipidemia.  Since  the  occurrence  of  overweight  and  obesity  is  mainly  attributed  to  an unhealthy lifestyle (unhealthy  diet  and  sedentary behavior),  we demonstrated  in a case study that adopting  a  lifestyle of  consuming  a healthy diet and performing regular physical activity can reverse the adverse abnormal lipid profile seen in our overweight patient.