Histochemical scoring assessment (H-score)

Poosit Ruengwanichayakun

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An evaluation of immunohistochemical staining is performed on a light microscope first using 10x objective (magnification of 100x) in order to scan and locate the histopathological appearances. Then the 40x objective (magnification of 400x) is subsequently applied for more detailed information on the staining(1,2).

An interpretation of immunoreactivity is based on the histochemical scoring (H-score) assessment incorporating both the staining intensity (i) and a percentage of stained cells at each intensity level (Pi). The i values are indicated as 0 (no evidence of staining), 1 (weak staining), 2 (moderate staining), and 3 (strong staining). The Pi values vary from 0% to 100%. The final H-score is derived from the sum of i multiplied by Pi as the equation shown below. This score, therefore, is in the range of 0 to 300(3-5).




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