The post-mortem examination is a hospital service necessary to diagnose the cause and circumstances surrounding patients’ death. This study assessed the knowledge, attitude and practices of physicians toward autopsy. Descriptive cross-sectional study of physicians that completed a semi-structured questionnaire assessing their knowledge, attitude and practices towards autopsy. Data collected were analysed. A total of 206 physicians participated. Most were young (69.4%), resident doctors (81.6%), in surgical specialties (52.9%) and Christians (72.8%). Majority had good knowledge (91.7%), positive attitude (81.1%) and positive practices (81.6%) of autopsy. Significant variables associated with good autopsy practices include age 35 years and above (OR=3.23, 95%CI=1.56-6.67, p=0.002, Christianity (OR=4.69, 95%CI=2.24-9.84, p<0.001) and positive attitude (OR=21.15, 95%CI=8.91-50.25, p<0.001). Some physicians had poor knowledge, negative attitude and poor practices to autopsy. These physicians should be targeted in trainings on autopsy practices.