The essentials of vascular pathology

Vascular pathology is defined as the abnormalities of the arterial and venous blood vessels and the lymphatic vessels. Endothelial cell injury usually leads to the development of either arterial or ve... View →

Heart transplant for multiple recurrences of familial cardiac myxomas in an adolescent patient: a ca

Cardiac myxoma is the most common primary cardiac neoplasm occurring in all age groups. After resection, familial Cardiac myxoma is more likely to recur than that arises in sporadic fashion. In this r... View →

Assessment of the usefulness of the knowledge of Pathology for clinical medical students - A multi-c

Pathology courses are taught to undergraduate medical students to provide them with basic foundation for clinical sciences. However, there is hardly any form of assessment of how relevant and helpful ... View →

The basic concepts of carcinogenesis

The aetiology of developing cancer consists of genetic and epigenetic mutations, DNA damage, genome instability, cancer stem cells, infectious agents, and carcinogens. However, carcinogenesis is a com... View →

Cellular and somatic deaths

Cellular death generally results from irreversible (lethal) injury. In addition, a normal physiological cell death process or apoptosis presents during embryogenesis and adult life. The role of apopto... View →

Cellular injury

Cellular injury is the process through which the cell is unable to maintain its homeostasis in the encounter with injurious stimuli. Generally, the cells with mild injury result in reversible cell dam... View →

Predictive Biomarker Testing in Colorectal Cancer: KRAS and BRAF Mutation Frequency and Testing Algo

Predictive biomarker testing is mandatory before initiating targeted therapy in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Mutation frequencies and their association with clinicopathological features vary w... View →

Hematidrosis or Hematofolliculohidrosis: Report of the Second Case with Complete Histopathologic an

Hematidrosis, or bloody sweat, is a rare phenomenon with enigmatic pathogenesis. We present our second case of hematidrosis in a 13-year-old Thai girl that had bloody sweat frequently observed on her ... View →

Low-Grade Central Osteosarcoma of Ilium, A Case Report

Low-grade central osteosarcoma accounts for 1-2% of all osteosarcomas, and is usually found in long bones of extremities. To our best knowledge, low-grade central osteosarcoma of pelvic bone is unus... View →